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Nasal Polyps

About nasal polyps and treatment options.

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What are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps can be found in either the sinuses or within nasal cavities. These soft growths hang down like grapes and may not cause any symptoms unless they grow too large, blocking air passage to your lungs which could lead you into various problems such as trouble breathing.
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What Causes Nasal Polyps To Form?

The membrane becomes inflamed for a long time or it can cause swelling, redness and fluid buildup which then turns into polyp formation with those symptoms being caused by allergies/infections causing an overproduction of cells leading up until they become filled with blood supply giving them color like tissue found inside our body’s own tissues.

Symptoms Of Nasal Polyps

Polyps may not cause any symptoms at first. But as they grow, you might notice that your sense of smell or taste begins to disappear; there’s also likely nasal congestion (stuffy nose). When polyps get big enough it can block air flow through the sinuses which causes frequent infections–even though most people without asthma don’t have problems breathing when they sleep.

Diagnosis Of Nasal Polyps

The team at Texas ENT & Allergy will ask you questions about your symptoms and examine your nose. A nasal endoscope is used to explore deeper areas of one’s sinuses, using an insert that can be advanced up into their nasal cavity from inside either nostril. CT scans may also help pinpoint any polyps found in this area so they don’t get missed.
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Treatment Of Nasal Polyps

These are some ways to treat nasal polyps. There is no one-size fits all solution, but by understanding your options and knowing what kind of nose you have can help in making decisions about which treatment might be right for you!

  • Steroid sprays to shrink polyps and improve symptoms.
  • Oral steroids (pills you swallow).
  • Injections (shots) under the skin to deliver a medicine called dupilumab.
  • Outpatient (no overnight stay) surgery to place a tiny stent. It props open the nasal passages and delivers steroids or other medications.
  • Outpatient surgery using endoscopy to remove polyps when other treatments don’t work.

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