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On-Site CT Imaging

Our onsite CT Imaging Services.

CT Imaging

In-Office CT Imaging

Texas ENT and Allergy offers CT imaging of the sinuses, facial bones, and temporal bones at our Bryan-College Station office. This test may be ordered as part of your evaluation and can usually be performed at the time of an office visit. The CT scan provides digital 3D images of the sinuses and/or ears, allowing for more rapid diagnosis and treatment recommendations. If it is determined that endoscopic sinus surgery is needed, the images can be used in the operating room for image-guided navigation during surgery.

In-office CT imaging is typically less expensive than a scan performed in a hospital-owned imaging facility. Since it is performed on-site, it eliminates the need to travel to another location and the need for a follow-up appointment to obtain your results. Same-day diagnosis minimizes your out-of-pocket costs.

Additionally, our CT scan equipment uses one tenth of the radiation dose of a typical full-body CT scanner used in a hospital or imaging center. The open, upright design of our CT scanner minimizes claustrophobia. The exam itself typically takes less than one minute to perform. Our CT scanner is accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and safety.

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